AGM 12th November 2016 - Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who participated in making the AGM a successful and fun evening.

We congratulate our new committee members, Sam, Daryl and David, and look forward to hearing more from them in the coming months.

Thanks also to our outgoing committee members, Shawn, Justin and Anthony for their excellent contributions these past year(s).

If you missed out on the event, feel free to catch up with the Live Stream recording here.

Venue Information

This year's Annual General Meeting is being held at 4:00 PM on Saturday the 12th of November 2016 at the Hackney Hotel (map).

If you're definitely attending, we'd appreciate your RSVP via this form.

After, there will be time to catch up with everyone, then we will have dinner and enjoy the night!

Nominations are now closed. View the nominees and their bio's here.

Voting information for is available now. Click here to view. Absentee votes (by email) are due in by 12th November 2016 12:00PM.


Nominations are now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated. View the nominees and their bio's here.

Nominate your fellow Air-Stream members for a position on the committee of management.

If you wish to make a nomination, please e-mail secretary _at_ ​before midnight on 15th October 2016 with full details.

Committee nominations must be done in writing. The nominee will then be notified via their Air-Stream email account and asked if they wish to accept the nomination.


The Air-Stream committee is responsible for governing the on going operations of Air-Stream by representing the club to the public, safeguarding the members assets, coordinating membership, performing administrative duties on behalf of the members and ensuring that any actions taken by the group as a whole are in the best interests of the members.

A committee member shall be a natural person who is dedicated to the further progression of the group as a whole. To be a committee member it takes dedication and excellent interpersonal skills, a committee member must be able to make decisions which are in the best interests of the group as a whole and must remain unbiased when making decisions.

There can at times be a considerable time commitment required by a committee member, hence keep this in mind when nominating your fellow members.

A committee member does not need to be technically minded or have any special skills, you do not even need to understand how to setup a router. The committee can greatly benefit from people from differing backgrounds and have different points of view.

Any financial member can nominate any other financial member to stand for election on the committee. You are not allowed by the Air-Stream constitution to nominate yourself for committee.