About Us

Air-Stream was established in 2001 by a handful of dedicated wireless enthusiasts and became an Incorporated Association in September 2002. It is the first and largest Community Wireless Network (CWN) in South Australia successfully built using off-the-shelf and bespoke wireless technologies. For over a decade, hundreds of volunteer club members have supported the building of Australia’s largest Community Wireless Network.

Our mission

Air-Stream strives to help community members and organisations get connected with each other, the Internet, and unique local resources in an affordable way with almost ZERO ONGOING COST.

We do this by:

  • Connecting like-minded people with technology and other related industries
  • Holding information sessions, training courses, and social events
  • Leveraging modern, affordable class licensed radio equipment (WiFi)
  • Fostering relationships with community organisations, local councils and businesses to find suitable locations for new nodes
  • Collaborating with amateur (ham) radio clubs and other technology groups from around the world
  • Volunteering time and personal resources, often through the donation of highly skilled or specialised trades
  • Providing a platform for members and other community groups to share experiences and discuss technical information

What makes us unique

Air-Stream is a non-profit community group who offer involvement and training with Wireless LAN, networking, and related technologies. The sheer diversity of knowledge found throughout the club’s membership creates all kinds of opportunities for learning, participation, and self-development.

  • Air-Stream operates independently of the Internet by providing our own critical infrastructure services
  • Specialised systems ensure that our network is highly resilient to failures
  • Fundraising, membership and donations are invested entirely into network and club running costs
  • Anyone can take part in a highly versatile and dynamic communications network

Network hardware devices used are generally small and with extremely low power consumption. The radio spectrum used is also free for use by the public, when kept within a specified transmission output limit. This is known as the Public Park concept and generally allows everyone equal rights to usage regardless of who they are, business, telecommunications carriers, government departments, or the general citizenship.

We support and promote Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects and use them wherever possible to solve network problems or provide IP services. Various online services are continuously being developed and maintained by members.