ASLAN is social event and LAN Party at which anyone can enjoy high-speed network computer gaming, whilst also having the opportunity to learn more about the Air-Stream community and get involved with projects around Adelaide.

Approximately 4 ASLAN events are planned to be held each calendar year.


ASLAN is located in the hall of the Good Shepherd Para Vista Church, 388 Montague Rd in Valley View, South Australia.


Competition details are announced in the weeks preceding each event and are subject to change.

Some commonly played games are DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive,  Overwatch, TrackMania, Minecraft, Call of Duty 4.

Please note, competitors will be allocated points per position placed in each competition. There will be a first, second and third place overall.

About the setup

ASLAN will provide you with:

  • One seat and table space (if you want a comfier seat bring your own as some do)
  • Two power points, if you need more let us know early so that extra provisions can be arranged
  • One gigabit network port in to our high speed LAN infrastructure
  • Connection into the Air-Stream network
  • Connection to the Internet

What you need

Bring only the basic components necessary to operate your system:

  • Computer (i.e. box, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables including power cable)
  • A good pair of headphones (lanners can get loud)
  • Network Cable (some can be purchased in the event, but stock is limited)

What you don’t need

  • Unnecessary or large, bulky peripherals such as speakers
  • Heaters or fans (a small fan is only permissible upon request for serious cooling issues)
  • Any illegal or questionable materials or substances are strictly forbidden and will be reported to authorities
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I ask for help at ASLAN?

Event coordinators are always available to help with any queries at the main entry desk. If you’re having technical problems look out for LAN admins around the designated admin area.

Can I bring a dedicated server to ASLAN?

Yes. Provided an admin knows about it. In this case, one of the game admins or a member of the server team should be apprised of the additional machine. Under no circumstances are private file servers permitted. This only applies to game servers.

Is there parking at ASLAN?

Parking at Good Shepard Para Vista Church is in plentiful supply. You should have no problems as its all close to the venue.

Where can I buy food at ASLAN?

ASLAN has a convenient canteen set up that sells cold drinks and snacks throughout the day. The venue is also located about 200 meters from a small shopping centre and only 5 minute drive from Tea Tree Plaza.

What else do I need to do before ASLAN?

  • Try to update your Steam games as close as possible to the LAN
  • Make sure you have allowed Windows to Update! Please visit
  • Make sure you have an up to date anti-virus program and that your computer has been scanned. Anyone found to be transmitting a virus over the ASLAN network will have the network access removed until the issue is rectified to the satisfaction of one of our admins.
  • Ensure your network adapter’s settings are set to Automatic.

May I sell things at ASLAN?

Limited private sales between lanners of second hand or surplus equipment is acceptable. Sales of a commercial nature are not allowed without prior authorisation from the Air-Stream Committee. Please contact us for information about sponsoring ASLAN.

ASLAN are proud members of the South Australian LAN Association