Does Air-Stream provide internet access?

No, Air-Stream is a self supporting network that operates completely independent of the internet. There is no internet service offered as part of membership, however some of our members do freely share internet access via hotspots and other means.

Members may use the network to share access to services like the internet, provided it is not done for financial gain (offered freely without condition and without any agreed or implied service guarantees).

If Internet access is your main requirement, perhaps try asking our members for recommendations in your area, via the web chat.

How do I communicate with other members?

There are many ways to keep in touch with the community and we encourage everyone to share their experiences, ask questions and participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.

This website aims to be a primary resource for newcomers to find out the essentials. All members are automatically assigned a user account on the website and so can add stories, pictures and comments anytime.

An official mailing list is available to all members using your Air-Stream e-mail address. This is a great way to start long or short discussions with each and every other member, including members of the committee.

A network of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a great way to get instant feedback as many of our members are active on the chat throughout the day and in the evenings. Conferences are often hosted on the IRC so that all members can see whats being discussed.

Social media (internet only).  Air-Stream can be found through the usual social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

What is expected of me, as a member?

We ask that all members are familiar with the Air-Stream constitution and by-laws to best understand the aims of the association as a whole. Upon becoming a member you have agreed that you will abide by the Air-Stream code of conduct.

Where can I connect to the Air-Stream network?

Access points are located all over Adelaide and surrounding regions, and are easily identified by their SSID, or network name, that is usually broadcast with a prefix of ‘Air-Stream’ followed by the suburb or area name. For example ‘Air-Stream-Highgate-Park’.

For more information on getting connected, see our guide.

Who can access the Air-Stream network?

As the Air-Stream network is a complicated mixture of community owned equipment, the level of access to the general public can vary between different access points. The club itself has always endeavoured to create opportunities for everyone to get involved and as such there are many hotspots available that offer free access to the network and certain services.

For more information on public access services, see our guide.