Voting Instructions for the 2017 Committee

How to fill out the ballot paper

  • You must have a current valid Air-Stream Membership to be eligible to vote.
  • You must vote for three (3) candidates only.
  • Place a tick ☑ clearly in the box next to each of the three (3) candidates you choose.
  • A vote is invalid if you vote for more or less than three (3) candidates.

Voting in person at the AGM

  1. Ballot papers will be provided at the annual general meeting.
  2. When instructed to do so, complete your ballot paper.
  3. Return it to the Election Officers at the main desk.

Voting by email

Note: By submitting an absentee vote via email you agree to appoint the Secretary as your proxy. Should you wish to appoint a different proxy, please contact the committee ASAP.

  1. Download a copy of the ballot paper here.
  2. Complete the ballot paper according to the instructions above.
  3. Print and sign your name at the base of the ballot paper.
  4. Scan the completed ballot paper to a high resolution colour image file.
  5. Attach the image file to an email.
  6. Send your email no later than 12th November 2016 12:00PM ACDT to:

Voting by post

  1. Postal ballots are not available, please contact the Committee if you have difficulty doing an email absentee vote.