Air-Stream 2017 Committee Nominees

Name Biography

Chris Cichon

Chris is not afraid of heights and has been climbing towers for both work and Air-Stream. He has a passion in wireless and building networks in general. Chris regularly experiences a battle between deadlines and weather when building wireless networks in rural locations. Chris has plans to incorporate wireless in some of his experiments with drones next year. When he's not up on a tower Chris is working as a Senior Engineer for an IT company servicing small to medium business clients.


Daryl Collins

Daryl has been an Air-Stream member since 2012 and has been on the Network Team for the last 4 years.  His background is in Management and Networking having spent 15 years working for an Adelaide ISP until recently.

At times DaryI has been critical of the Air-Stream committee so he feels like it's time to step up and offer his assistance to the club at a higher level. Daryl has had experience on club committees in the past and looks forward to contributing should he be elected.


David Young

David was first introduced to Air-Stream not long after its inception (and was instantly hooked). David’s always had a keen interest in all things wireless. He has a background in electronics and has been working as a field service technician for the last 14 years.

David has volunteered with the State Emergency Service for the last several years and currently holds the position of Communications Coordinator with the Salisbury unit. David has previously served as a member of the management committee.

David feels he can bring his technical knowledge and experience along with his skills and experiences from his time with SES to help Air-Stream improve and expand into the future.

Michael Kellow

Michael has been an active member of Air-Stream since 2007 and has held positions on both the Committee and Network Team. He is a current committee member of WA Community Access Network (Perth) and remain very active within the Air-Stream network. In the past 10 years Michael has built over 60 wireless and telecommunications sites across SA, WA, NSW and Victoria.


Michael’s background is Mechatronic Engineering and Project Management. He currently holds a Specialist Engineering position in a global mining company, and has held various roles in the past including roles in Radio Frequency Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


Michael’s primary focus has always been and will remain to be to strengthen not only the Air-Stream Community as an organisation and a network but also strengthen Community Wireless Networking within Australia. Above all else he values professional and unbiased decision making and will bring into fruition the best outcome for the membership as a whole. In the coming year he would like to aid in growing Air-Stream further and facilitate collaborative projects between Air-Stream and WACAN. Michael looks forward to making a positive contribution on the Air-Stream Committee in 2017 and will continue strengthening community wireless networking within Australia.


Michael Kratz

Michael has worked in the Internet and Telecommunications industry for the past 15 years, and has been an Air-Stream member for the past several. Whilst he is not a Network Engineer by day (Dealing more with Products and Customer Experience), He is passionate about Internet networks and the technical side of the Internet, which is part of what drives his interest and participation in Air-Stream.

Sam Burney

Sam is an enthusiastic and passionate Air-Stream member.  As well as being actively involved maintaining nodes in the North-Eastern network, as part of the Network Team and a previous Committee member Sam brings with him many years of experience and a solid understanding of the Air-Stream network.  Sam’s goals for 2017 are to continue to foster network growth, particularly in regards to client access as well as helping improve operational transparency and member inclusion.

Sam Faunt

A passion for technology lead Sam to the Air-Stream community and it wasn’t long before he joined as a member 2 years ago. Since then Sam has been involved with various independent and core Air-Stream node upgrades and installs.


Sam has been a member of the Network Time since June 2016, which has allowed him to assist with maintenance of the network and developing policies that will benefit members.


Sam believes that he would make an excellent committee member as he has the passion and time required to fully commit to the role. Sam is easily able to separate his personal preferences to act in an unbiased manner when faced with making decisions. He is an approachable person and am always interested in hearing everyone's views when making decisions on behalf of the members and will always act on the information presented when doing so.


Sam looks forward to sitting on the 2017 Air-Stream Committee if elected and intends to pursue further making Air-Stream a club that anyone can enjoy and expand the network even further than it currently is.