How can organisations and business get involved?

Air-Stream members have provided funding for the Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure through membership fees, hardware donations, roof space, and the time taken to develop software and build wireless routing devices.

However, there are several ways other organisations, individuals and business enterprises can participate.

An important pre-requisite for building an effective network are suitable locations where Air-Stream equipment can be located. This is because the class license wireless technology operates at very low power levels, it depends heavily on line-of-sight connectivity. Sites with power and elevated mounting platforms for antennas, such as rooftops and masts are ideal, anywhere with good line-of-sight to areas across Adelaide and its suburbs.

Business Opportunities
The advantage for those businesses who participate in our Members Discount Program will offer increased exposure to a market of people who purchase a wide range of computing, software, electronics and wireless network equipment on a regular basis.

Our membership includes IT professionals, engineers, radio amateurs, community groups and enthusiasts, all regularly promoting and sharing information with each other and other groups around Australia.

Further our website ranks very highly on Google and other search engines in Australia and is frequented by many thousands of enthusiasts every day.

Hardware contributions, for example through funding or sharing of telemetry equipment, are also ideal ways of getting local business and organisations involved, while at the same time reaping the same benefits of using our Wide Area Network.

Other community focused wireless groups, organisations and even businesses with existing network infrastructure are always welcome to participate, as reciprocal network access arrangements can increase coverage and benefits for everyone.

Local business and community groups are capable of providing community-rich content, such as web pages, portal sites, newsgroups etc, which in turn helps to promote their goals and community presence.

Actively promoting the Air-Stream network to other organisations, as a beneficial community resource, and helping others come to terms with understanding the technology and concepts involved, helps attract like-minded people, which, in turn, broadens the skill set available within the group.

The digital divide
The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have access to information technology (IT) and those who do not, this can be seen in three main areas of Connectivity, Capability and Content.

A WAN is an ideal infrastructure for sharing IT services and increasing access for all.

Commercial and other types of organisations can provide a great community service by sharing there IT services with not-for-profit organsitions, who are working to bridge this divide.

Further not-for-profit community organisations can save significant costs by sharing or pooling their IT services with each other such as: Internet, Email, IRC, VoIP and any other IT systems that is commonly used over an office network or the Internet.

To find out how your organisation can become more involved contact Committee