Adelaide IoT Hackathon 2016

The Smart City Studio, Hackerspace Adelaide, Adelaide Makerspace and Air-Stream Wireless are launching Adelaide’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Hackathon.

At 9am on Saturday 23rd April see ideas put into action as hacking commences on Hackaday World Create Day 2016. Where 5 teams battle it out to build a proof of concept using a Raspberry Pi and other parts proudly supplied by Microsoft. All the action will be streamed live to Youtube proudly supported by Air-Stream Wireless.

Visit the Offical Website page for details on how you can register for team selection:

As part of the Hackaday World Create Day 2016 we are inviting the broader community, NGOs and, individuals to brainstorm and submit their ideas that matter. So tell you freinds and family to submitt ideas which teams my choice to take-on.

There will also be a linked event at Hackerspace Adelaide to celebrate Hackaday World Create Day at 1pm 23rd with live streaming care of Air-Stream Wireless from the Adelaide IoT Hackathon.

One of the aims of the event is to promote the maker movement in Adelaide and the need for a Adelaide Makerspace where groups like Fab Lab Adelaide, Hackerspace Adelaide and others in maker community like members of Air-Stream Wireless can have open access to equipment, materials and work on their projects. Also to inspire local people regardless of age, education or background to make new and interesting things; maybe pursue a new vocation; further education or even start a new venture.

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Adelaide IoT Hackathon 2016