Air-Stream Wireless

Air-Stream Wireless was established by a handful of dedicated wireless enthusiasts in 2001 and became an Incorporated Association in September 2002. It is the first and largest Community Wireless Network (CWN) in South Australia to successfully build a Wide Area Network (WAN) using wireless technologies.

With hundreds of active members the network now forms part of the largest community wireless network in Australia and is continuing to grow with the help of wireless enthusiasts and radio amateurs across Adelaide and Australia.

Our Mission

Air-Stream Wireless is a non-profit community group who use Wireless LAN in combination with software and other technologies to deploy a Wide Area Network (WAN) that supports community participation, local content and communications.

Strategic Plan

For this mission to become reality members of Air-Stream Wireless shall work together to achieve the following goals:

  • Maintain and develop Core Router Nodes, Network and Member management systems to ensure continuity and reliability for all members.
  • Continued to grow the network and promote the benefits of Community Wireless Networks in Australia.
  • Continue to provide education on the regulatory framework for running a Community Wireless Network such as the “Public Park Concept”
  • Provide an open platform for members, developers and other community groups to discuss and share information on the effective use of wireless technologies.
  • Develop tools that allow members to easily access distribute and create local content.
  • Deploy numerous free community hotspots in public spaces, to garner broader community awareness, participation and sponsorship for Air-Stream Wireless.
  • Promote the benefits of community participation, support the production and distribution of local content and communication systems.

Air-Stream Wireless supports Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) which is widely used across the network to host essential services such as the Members Database, DNS and Email which have all been developed voluntarily by members.

Similarly, the wireless equipment deployed uses a part of the radio spectrum which is also free to be used by anyone, provided the radiated power is kept down. Called the “Public Park Concept” it is relatively unregulated by the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) who allow all users the same rights regardless of who they are – business, telecommunications carriers, government departments or private citizens.

Our members are people from all walks of life and ages including enthusiasts, IT professionals, radio amateurs, educators and every day people. All volunteer their time and resources to promote, educate and share information about how to build and use wireless networks and how to create and use content over it.

Air-Stream also has a Open Access Policy and offers free access and technical support for any community group who wishes to be involved including, clubs, artists, schools and universities. Any group who wishes to provide content or just use the network for a non-commercial purpose.

Please consult our Access Policy for more details.