Linksys WRT300N Review


Linksys WRT300N

Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc. has donated two WRT300n Routers to Air-Stream Wireless which will allow us to conduct some grassroots testing on the 802.11n standard in the field, and explore these features under an Open Source firmware such as OpenWRT. Which was made possible through the support and encouragement of Jerry Clancy of ClearNet Communications

The 802.11n draft standard implemented in the WRT300N uses a technique called "MIMO" (multiple input, multiple output). MIMO technology capable of 300Mbps "By leveraging multipath reflections of a radio signal, and transmitting multiple signals in a single 20MHz radio channel, MIMO multiplies both data rates and reliable coverage area without using additional frequency spectrum, and without causing interference with other Wi-Fi devices and networks.

ClearNet Communications