New Members

First thing as a new member should do once being notified by email that your membership has been accepted is to login to the members site at

Once logged in please check that all your member details are correct and change your password before proceeding to click on Node Database > Google Map.

Once the page has loaded up.

  • Click Add Node on the right hand pane.
  • Enter your node name eg "Newton" or "Nitro"
  • Select your Suburb from the pull down menu
  • Select the Manager of the Node eg yourself.
  • Leave the AS Number blank for now as this is only used for BGP Routed nodes.
  • Select your Status eg Planning, In Build or Operational.
  • Enter in your approximate height of your antenna from ground level for generating a line of site coverage map of your node.

Now to set the location of your node you may use coordinates, update by mouse clicks on the map or by your address stored in your membership details.

Chose one of these methods to update your location before Clicking on Save. Once your node has been created you can click on it and there will be a pane showed on the left. You will have the option to add a client link. Click this and select the appropriate access point eg Air-Stream-Athelstone Your node will be updated with a client connections table Showing the Access Point your connected to and your IP Address. Pressing show will reveal the WEP key required for authentication. If you find the WEP key is not show or not working please contact committee for assistance. On your router please direct all traffic for to the access point your connecting to. You can obtain the correct ip address by looking up the node eg Athelstone and under Access Points next to Air-Stream-Athelstone there will be an IP Address To route staticly in Windows you would enter in command prompt route add -Under linux route add -net gw If you require a lan subnet to be routed please contact committee to have it routed for you on the access point.