Members Only

These pages are intended only for financial members of Air-Stream Wireless as they contain detailed information about networks, systems and member user information.

  • Member control panel - Your User Details, Node WEP Keys, IP Address allocation, Domain Name Registration, Detailed Node Maps and Propagation Tools.
  • Document wiki - Member Documentation, Member Node Details & Servers, Draft Polices & procedures.
  • Support Tracker - Raise issues and problems with network or service access.
  • Webmail - Internet or wireless access.
  • IRC

Air-Stream Wireless depends solely on the commitment of members to volunteer their resources (eg: time, money and equipment) in order to help new members while maintaining the network and services. Consequently all access, support and systems will be subject to conditions.

Please remember there are many ways can communicate, ask questions and get support from your fellow Air-Stream members both over the wireless network and the Internet. Members can share information, ask questions and keep up to date with the latest developments, all you need do is to participate.