I don't want to join unless I can connect, how will Air-Stream Wireless help me?

Air-Stream Wireless is a membership managed and run group set-up by like-minded people who share a common interest in community wireless networks.

Membership is only intended for those who share this interest and is not about physical access or access to services volunteered by members. By joining Air-Stream Wireless you not only have a say in how the group is run and planned, but also talk to people with real hands-on experience, access to shared assets, discounts and other services our members make available.

In reality if people where only interested in joining , if they could connect, then the network would not exist today. It is for this reason many membership-free groups don't last the test of time and why Air-Stream Wireless is now the largest community wireless network in Australia.

Nevertheless, for non-members there is all the free information you need to connect on this website and anyone is welcome to attend our monthly members meetings and ask questions. Once joining though, their is additional help from your fellow members who are always happy to help a new member. Also planning information on the members database and discounts on wireless equipment which in itself will save the cost of membership.