ASLAN #19: In Review

ASLAN #19 took place on the 23rd of July, 2011 at Hillcrest Community Centre - another success with ten hours of LAN gaming goodness!

Our hard-working admins and volunteers worked from 10:00am to ensure the event ran smoothly.

The fun opened at 2:00pm with TrackMania, followed by Blur, Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament competitions.

Chris "DrGeForce3" Cichon was the DJ for the event.

Paul "Rids" Ridley (middle) returned to MC the LAN and initiated competitions and registered players for team games.

Daniel "Shadey" Moscon was once again lord of the kitchen. Making a return were fare such as pasties, pies and and sausage rolls, and delicious new dishes were available; Shadey's vegetable and lamb "Shadey's Soup" and shepherd's pie.

Paul "Pazza" Parry, Matthew "Machspeed" Thompson, Michael "Nekron" Kellow, and Geoff "blue18" Woodberry provided fast and effective admin support.

As everyone played on into the night, the lanners, as the Americans, were pitted against the Admins, playing as the Nazis in the D-Day map for MOHAA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault). After an intense battle, the Admins triumphed (Heil to the Admins, baby!), avenging the loss they suffered during the previous MOHAA game at ASLAN #18. The last competition for the night was a free-for-all brawl in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It quickly descended into a battle of will, as only the deadliest players clung on in their struggle to reach the top of the game rankings.

Finally, it was time to announce the prize winners.

Our prize pool for the night:

And here are our prize winners! Awesome job, guys!

Blur - 3rd Place - Caddy

Blur - 2nd Place - Maelstrom

Blur - 1st Place - Administrator

Team Fortress 2 - 2v2 - 3rd Place - Maelstrom and Sloth

Team Fortress 2 - 2v2 - 2nd Place - Lazza and Kassi

Team Fortress 2 - 2v2 - 1st Place - Killer Smurf and JBLM

Unreal Tournament 3 - 3v3 - 2nd Place - Team "At Last"

Unreal Tournament 3 - 3v3 - 1st Place - Team "The Winners"

Call of Duty 4 - Free-for-all - 3rd Place - Killer Smurf

Call of Duty 4 - Free-for-all - 2nd Place - Master Shifty

Call of Duty 4 - Free-for-all - 1st Place - Maelstrom

TrackMania - 5th Place - Chicken Parmy

TrackMania - 4th Place - Scott

TrackMania - 3rd Place - Mongoose

TrackMania - 2nd Place - Avert

TrackMania - 1st Place - Caddy

And the door prize goes to...


Congratulations to our prize winners! Awesome job, guys!


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A big thank you goes to everyone who came to ASLAN #19 to make it a success and a special thank you to our sponsors! We couldn't have done it without them! Please visit their stores, and remember them for your next upgrade!

A poster promoting ASLAN #20 on the 22nd of October - A milestone in our history as it is our twentieth LAN! The theme is a "ZOMBIELAN" so come dressed as a zombie or any kind of scary fiend or monster - prizes will be available for the best-dressed ghoul! See you all there!

Scenes from ASLAN #19.