Access Policy

Air-Stream Wireless is a not-for-profit incorporated association and so is required to ensure the appropriate use and safeguard of its’ members’ assets. This constitutes all membership payments and donations to the association and the results of work or services volunteered in the construction and maintenance of the Air-Stream Wireless network.

It is also equally responsible for ensuring ALL users connected to the network adhere to our exempt network requirements under the ACMA regulations. An exempt network includes a WLAN that is used for the sole purpose of supplying carriage services on a non-commercial basis. Consequently, any peer, independent or business arrangement connected to the network MUST satisfy the requirements of an exempt network.5.8Ghz Antenna

ACMA WLANs–exempt and non commercial networks fact sheet.

The network consists of a contiguous interconnection of:

  • Core Router Nodes
  • Independent Router Nodes
  • Client Nodes

Consequently the following outlines the ways people may gain access to the network assets of Air-Stream Wireless:

  • Permanent Connection (full access to a core node), Must be a current member of the association.
  • Captive Portal (timed connection, controlled access to a core node), Anyone but only where this system is deployed.
  • Testing (restricted access), Requires a valid request and permission from the sites owner or systems administrator depending on AP, contact committee if these details are unknown.
  • Open Access Policy (access dependent on activities), Must be an established registered organisation or if unincorporated a known community group with members, committee approval is required.
  • Peering (see Open Access Policy), Connections into other networks that extend coverage, redundancy or content which the committee considers beneficial to the members as a whole.
  • Business (access dependent on activities), Must be an approved sponsor who provides a host site, equipment or services freely which the committee considers beneficial to the members as a whole.

Air-Stream Wireless Incorporated does not offer membership to Business and Organisation entities. However, this does not exclude a Business owner, an employee or representative of that entity becoming a member and using the network to connect to their office and home. This also applies to employees, customers or suppliers of that entity, provided there is a membership for each subsequent connection and the ACMA exempt network requirements are adhered.

Air-Stream Wireless can not enter into any contractual agreement regarding network and content guarantees. This includes access to the network, performance or access to services or content, suggested or otherwise. Membership fees are only for membership to the association, which as a result give the rights to use the groups assets and decide how they are deployed, it is not a “fee-for-service”.

Nevertheless, this does not restrict anyone from donating time and/or resources to improving performance, assisting to maintain reliability or improve coverage, content and/or services.