ASLAN #08: In Review


Well what a lan! Sorry about the delay in review, had many a PC trouble, too many windows re-installs to count on one hand, and lots of sleepless nights! So lets get into it! A new setup technique was trialled for this lan, in which all Admins setup on the friday night before the LAN. This proved to be very successful as it allowed us to do some more fine tweaking on the day to allow for a better experience on sat! This time around we had 3 sponsors, Thermaltake, Razer and Photech. So thanks again to our sponsors who make these events even possible!

Photech Computers in Enfield!

Doors opened at 10am as per usual, the lanners poured in set up and started hammering the gigabit network to warm things up. The competitions for the day were: • Call of Duty 4 (v1.7) • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (v2.6b • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance 2v2 (v1.5.3599) • Company of Heroes 1v1 (v1.5) • Race Driver: GRID (v1.2) • Trackmania Nations Forever (v1.0) • Air-Stream Challenge • Razer Tattoo Competition • Razer Raffle All comps ran well, no power issues were reported to us and all lanners were happy. The most notable competition of the day was the 'Razer Tattoo Competition'. Basically we got all the lanners to play rock paper scissors to determine 3 winners, then those 3 winners chose 3 team mates. So we ended up with 3 teams of 4 each. The aim? Well they had 5minutes to put as many temporary Razer tattoos on as they could, the entrants were judged on style, completeness and sheer numbers, fun was had by all, but here was the winning team, with the tattoo'd person winning a Razer Diamondback Mouse, and the team mates winning Razer T-Shirts. Heres our entrants: But of course the winner had to go to the most dedicated, sticking a tatoo on his forehead to take out the prize! Pictures on Razer's Official website ! -> Next different comp was the Razer Raffle, lanners had to sign up before the event to the razer website and a random lanner was then picked to win a Razer Mantis mouse mat! and heres our winner!: And heres the rest, Cod4: Wolf ET: Sup Com: CoH: Race Driver: Grid: Trackmania Nations Forever: Air-Stream Challenge: So thanks again to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed it and remember to visit and purchase items from our sponsors, as they keep these things going! For more pics go to: -DJ