ASLAN #03: In Review


ASLAN #3 is a Wrap!

The review on the much anticipated and enjoyed ASLAN event!

What is ASLAN you ask?

It is an anagram for Air- Stream Local Area Network. Local area networking is the latest craze for those who are hooked on computers and computer gaming. Saturday 14th July saw 40+ people converge on the Mawson Lakes Mawson Centre in Adelaide 's Northern suburbs for the 3rd ASLAN event ever. Along with the 12 hours of gaming mayhem these computer enthusiasts shared their passion for computer stuff, latest gizmos and traded ‘high-score' stories all in the name of Air-Stream Wireless Inc. ASLAN Administrator Chris Cichon said, “ASLAN is a great way to have fun, raise some funds for Air-Stream and build an awareness of the wireless community all at the same time”.

This ASLAN event included 5 competitions run at different times during the day that were open to any of the participants to join in on.

Thanks to the sponsors of the event, ThermalTake and Steelseries, much saught after prizes were the goal of each competition for the lanners.

There were 5 competitions held on the day, 4 Computer Based one, and one Guessing game.

First up was Quake III Arena, All in Deathmatch. This was a fragfest, with about 30 people in at once on a small and exciting map, but after all the mayhem Pat "Calibre" Wise came out on top with 100 frags beating his nearest opponent by 12 frags!

Next up was the FlatOut2 Tournament. This was a multi staged elimination, with multiple races and derby's per slot. But after all the drifting, crashing, speeding, braking and explosions one of our admin's "DJ" came out on top, but due to the rules of the event, the prize had to be awarded to the next non-admin down the list, which was Josh "J", "congratulations Josh, maybe next time you'll beat me!" - DJ

Third in the competitions was the Air-Stream Challenge. Now just a bit of background on this before we announce the winner. The setup was a point to point wireless network, with 802.11b, the aim of the game was to guess how many seconds it would take for 100mb of data (Large files and small files combined) to transfer from one computer to the other, including and interference people created by walking in front of the connection or any of environmental blocks that were present. The final time for the event was 426 seconds, and Adam came out closest with a guess of 422 seconds.

The next comp was the V8 Supercars 10lap quick bash. Players raced out the Adelaide Circuit for podium position with steering wheels, keyboards and game pads at the ready, the lights were green. The racing fanatics quickly disappeared into the distance with there race-line efforts, and within about 15minutes we had a winner, Brad "Black Horse" Hill, taking out 1st position.

Last, but not least, was the renowned Call of Duty 2 All in Challenge. This has become a favorite of the event with many participants coming along after weeks of practice, and while smoke grenades played a big part in completely destroying any hope of seeing across the map, Thomas "TobbyGnome" came out in top position for the second time running beating his nearest rival by 13 kills, and also scoring the 2 least amounts of deaths, very well done Tobby!

Here are a few more shots of the event:


Once again, thanks to our sponsors because without them, we wouldnt have an event!

We will be looking forward to a further 3 events this year with ASLAN #4 planned for September, #5 for late November and #6 for the weekend between Xmas and New Year.

Keep an eye on the for further details.



(Bob, DJ, DrGeforce3, Rids and Shadey)