ASLAN #11: In Review!


Well what a LAN, it was as chaotic outside as it was inside! 55+ People were in attendance with gaming, music making and tutorial classes all happening under the one roof! The lan kicked off at 10am as usual and with massive rain storms outside we were not sure if attendance would be affected. And thanks again to all our sponsors as we couldnt do it without them!

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Lanners then started rolling in, filling the tables and booting up, all went well with setup no casualties or power outages. Except a few non booting pcs of course..

During the day we were lucky enough to have a few of the Air-Stream members running a Computer Building Tutorial for some people with Aspergers, they learnt about all the components inside a comptuer, then were taught how to put the computer together piece by piece. Once completed they then joined the ASLAN crew to hit out a few games against the rest of the lanners.

Thank you again to Aspitech for their sponsorship of all the comptuer hardware for the training. The day continued as normal, only one power outage when one power circuit tripped, one flick of the circuit breaker and we were back in business! So all in all it was a great even, despite the weather all went well. Thanks to all the Admins who worked tirelessly to bring the event to life and most of all thanks to all the Lanners for attending! Here are some of our winners from ASLAN 11! Trackmania Nations Forever:

1st Place: MachSpeed

2nd Place: Slain



Company of Heroes:

1st Place: Echo
(Image coming)
2nd Place: RedFlag

Battlefield 2: Aus Forces:

1st Place: Gierke

2nd Place: T23
(Image Coming)
3rd Place: Insane

Call of Duty 4 - 4v4:

1st Place:Fab 3 and koops - Reaper; SPK; insane; Fer

2nd Place: TerraBlueScreen

3rd Place:Team Boost

Call of Duty 5 - 1v1:

1st Place: Hawk

2nd Place: Dinzz

3rd and 4th Place: Spydr 7 and Gierke

Door Prize:



Air-Stream Challenge: (Dog Tag Creation):

1st Monisabella

(Image coming)
2nd Moreon

So once again thank you to all that came.

It was a great lan, and we did it all in rememberance of the diggers from the world wars.

Lest We Forget