ASLAN #27: Review


What a great day for a LAN!

This year ASLAN kick off by changing the venue. While Hilcrest Community Centre was a great place, ASLAN needed something different and what better venue than one that is closer to the action and off a main road everyone knows! St Pauls Luthern Primary School Hall looked perfect for a LAN. It had the location, plenty of parking, bigger venue and a dedicated Air-Stream connection on the roof! The admins worked hard planning ASLAN #27 2nd February 2013. Being the first ASLAN event  at St Paul's, there was a lot of organisation put into it but well worth it.

The LAN started at it's usual 10am start and it quickly filled up one LANNER at a time and by 2pm ASLAN was completely sold out! 

The ASLAN Cafe Style menu was a big hit, selling out fast! But Shadey and his team did a fantastic job serving a range from Chicken Parmigana to Pizza. All the while managing  to keep up with the ravenous LANNERS demands. 

It was great to have Rids back on the microphone keeping the LANNERS amused and entertained.

As well as the LANNERs playing whatever game they wish, the official competiion games were:


Battlefield 3 Squad Deathmatch 3v3
Counterstrike: Global Offensive - Arms Race
Dota 2 2v2
Minecraft Creative Mode
Trackmania Nations Forever
Unreal Tournament 3 Free-For-All

A big thank you to Clipsal as our major sponsor! If it wasnt for the sponsorship support our LANs would'nt be possible.

And of course ASLAN would'nt be ASLAN without all of its amazing LANNERS! As well as all the regulars, it was great to see many new faces. The feedback recieved was all positive and thank you for supporting ASLAN and Air-Stream.



Rids felt right at home MCing the LAN up on the stage!



Clipsal was our major sponsors for the day and had a table setup for people to check out the different networking cabling.


As always Shadey was busy in the kitchen cooking up his delicious cuisines!




What a great way to end the day with the prize ceremony! Congratutions to all the winners and good luck to everyone attending the next LAN.

Don't forget to pre purchase your tickets to be in the draw to win a prize!

See you at ASLAN #28 on the 27th April 2013.