Certified Ubiquiti Training 10-13 June 2014 - Member Discount

Air-Stream is delighted to offer members a greatly discounted rate on two Certified Ubiquiti Training courses coming up in June!

Our thanks to Rob Clark at Freenet Warehouse who has arranged 2-day courses for both Ubiquiti Carrier Wireless Admin (UCWA) which has a focus on AirMax technologies, and Ubiquiti Enterpries Wireless Admin (UEWA) which is focused on the UniFi products.

Each course is done in a classroom setting, with a mixture of lectures, discussions, and hands-on practical labs. Students get to configure real hardware, edit settings, and observe results.



  • 75% off Ubiquiti airMAX and/or UniFi Training (see below for details) on a wait-list basis.
  • Available to Air-Stream members, (and their employers).


  • Book online with your official Air-Stream email address, using the Freenet Warehouse URLs below.
  • Mention in the comments during the ordering process: "I am an Air Stream member/employer. 75% discount applies"
  • Don't pay the automatic system-generated invoice. Wait until Rob Clark emails a custom discounted invoice.


Ubiquiti Carrier Wireless Admin
Date: 10 - 11 June 2014
For complete information and to make a booking, go to the Freenet Warehouse Page.


Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin
Date: 12 - 13 June 2014
For complete information and to make a booking, go to the Freenet Warehouse Page.



  • Formal training
  • Course Notes
  • Tee-shirt (on successful completion of an online test)
  • Certificate (on successful completion of an online test)

Don't miss out on this great opportunity if you've been considering learning more about Ubiquiti configuration and wireless networking techniques in general!

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